At Mobile ATM Services we strive to provide exceptional guest services for both event based business as well as brick and mortar business. If you require cash services for your business and are interested in creating an additional profit center we would like to help you achieve your goals. 


Having an ATM located at your business can help provide a secondary source of income for you. Depending on your specific needs we are able to provide you with a tailor made solution. From purchasing your own ATM to creating a revenue sharing option we are happy to work with you and provide you with options that will help add revenue to your bottom line.












Service & ATM Specs

Our company has over 70 years of combined guest servicing experience. We strive to  ensure that your guest is able to maxmize their experince while seemlessly integrating a cash dispening service which does not intrude upon your event or business but directly impacts an increased bottom line.

Hercules Plus - ATM Communications


The Hercules Plus is an ATM communication device that converts dial up ATMs to a cellular format while at the same time providing a two way communication network for security monitoring 24/7.

If the ATM is hung up a signal can be sent by the owner to reboot the ATM.

The Hercules+ wireless unit, has upgraded its wireless-conversion box to offer dual connectivity. The box, which converts landline ATMs to wireless ATMs, can now be plugged into the Internet at the ATM’s location in addition to facilitating wireless connectivity for the ATM.The units will default to your Internet service, and should there be an interruption in your Internet connection, our unit will automatically change over to the wireless service. Once Internet connectivity is re-established, the unit will default back to the Internet. The unit, which allows two-way communication, still functions on either connection with no interruptions.


  • Eliminate phone line installation costs

  • No static IP required

  • Reduce theft with security Module (optional)

  • Triple Des secure communications

  • Lower monthly cost than a phone line

  • Unlimited transactions

  • Decrease transaction time

  • Eliminate long distance transaction charges

  • Enables the use of manufacturers software to manage your ATM’s

  • No long term contracts required, month to month service

  • Communication failure alerts via Text to Cell and Email (free)

  • AC Disconnect Module (optional)

  • Plug and Play IP ATM to IP

  • WiFi can be used to eliminate cables

  • No activation fee

  • Free 24/7 /365 Tech Support


Hercules watches your ATM constantly and alerts security and you by cell phone data message and e-mail immediately upon power disconnect, machine tilt or door open breach.

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